Advisor Tools

Collaborative financial planning for you and your clients

Offer financial planning tools that educate your clients, scales your business, and gets you to higher quality financial planning sessions quicker.

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Collect information with less effort

Invite clients to submit information about their finances and goals before meeting with a custom link. The friendly process is easy to use, only takes ~8 minutes and lets you hit the ground running.

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Build plans that build trust

Build and share multiple plan scenarios with your clients. All scenarios include Monte Carlo modeling, digital coaching, and plenty of insights — along with the ability for clients to duplicate your scenario and explore on their own.

Clients build an understanding of what’s driving the plans you recommend leading to smart questions, better decisions, and confident action.
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Target Opportunities for maximum impact

Our advisor experience surfaces information that you can use to better serve your clients.

  • Detailed data dashboard
  • See opportunities you can surface to clients
  • Drill into each client’s details and view engagement data

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You own the relationship

Your clients get access to a version of our White-Label Planner that puts you front and center. Clients can easily contact you or schedule appointments from within the Planner when they want additional support.
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Build from experience

Our advisor tools are informed by the many financial planning sessions we've done over the years. This is the tool we wish we had at the beginning and we want to offer it to you.