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Offer comprehensive financial planning

Our financial planning software uses technology to help customers and employees uncover insights, run scenarios, make decisions, and boost their financial confidence.

Supercharge decision making

Our Planner, APIs, and calculators are built on top of our Financial Projection Engine which takes hundreds of factors into account and allows you to offer customers and employees easy ways to make better, more informed decisions.


State modeling, itemized deductions, brackets


Work, Social Security, annuities, pensions

Real Estate:

Future purchases and sales


Student loans, mortgages, credit cards


What matters most to you


Recurring and one-time purchases


Medicare and long-term care

...and dozens of other factors too

Insightful. Delightful. Engaging.

Give your customers and employees a new way of building financial wellness. Our Planner is built to support learning through exploration.

Key Features

  • 100+ personalized plan assumptions
  • Simple UX for plan creation and scenario modeling
  • Track current and future cash flow
  • Interactive plan updates in real-time
  • Federal and State tax insights
  • Multiple strategies for decumulation
  • Explorers for optimization (Social Security, Roth Conversion)
  • 20+ analysis and projection charts
  • 150+ built-in coach suggestions using AI
  • 1,500+ educational articles
  • Online help center and chat support

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Custom built for your business

Our Planner can be branded and customized to give your customers and employees a consistent experience.

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Users Love Us.

We have an active user community that drives innovation resulting in constant improvements to our Planner. Listening has paid off.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) 70+

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I have never seen such a comprehensive financial planning product that gives you so much feedback and instruction along the way.


We feel empowered to make better decisions.


This helps me organize and project almost any scenario I can imagine. I feel much more confident managing our retirement.


Your product has literally allowed me to sleep better at night. It's invaluable. If you spend your financial life looking for value — this is a no-brainer!


This is an excellent tool. It has given me the confidence to manage my own retirement plan. Highly recommended!