Meet the team

United States, Costa Rica, Brazil, floating on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea, behind that tree: if there’s a good enough internet connection, one of our employees might be there.

Stephen Chen

Founder & CEO

Dave Gynn

Chief Technology Officer

Rachel Diesel

Head of Design

Connellan Coxwell

Head of Brand & Communications

Yun Woo

Head of Product

Chelsea Power

Head of Enterprise Engagements

Dave Robison

Head of Platform

Danielle Jackson

Chief of Staff

Eric Takahashi

Chief Data Architect

Matt Park

Head of Enterprise Sales

Christopher Faust

Head of Enterprise Marketing

Melanie Stern

Engineering Manager

Al Chou

Lead Software Engineer

Henry Zhang

Software Engineer

Luis Fernando Lima

Senior Product Designer

Allie Phan

Marketing Analyst

Davorin Robison

Product Manager

Frank Nevers

Chief Information Security Officer

Jenelle Martinez

Customer Service Representative

Joe Goldwasser

Software Engineer

Larry Ludwig

Marketing Consultant

Michael Bourke

Senior Engineer

Nancy Gates

Financial Coach

Nate Wilson

Strategic Account Manager

Randy Frutos

Front-End Developer

Simon Rentzke

Software Engineer

John Pick

Software Engineer, IT

Robbie Herbert

Customer Service Representative

Juan Ramirez

Front-End Engineering Lead

Zenia O'Leary

Senior Product Designer

Mary Endres

Product Design Director

Rae DeBruyne

Business Analyst

Erin Disselhorst

Senior Product Manager

Jean Allen

Financial Wellness Coach

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